Q & A on LEGOŽ SERIOUS PLAYŽ products and method

How can I become a licensed LEGOŽ SERIOUS PLAYŽ partner?
Up until May 1st 2010 the LEGO Group maintained a network of licensed partners trained with LEGOŽ SERIOUS PLAYŽ facilitators.
After the launch of the open source model on May 1st 2010 the LEGO Group will not be maintaining a licensed partner network and will not be offering LEGOŽ SERIOUS PLAYŽ certification training. As a result facilitators using the LEGOŽ SERIOUS PLAYŽ method (LSP method) will no longer be paying a license to use the method. In essence, this means that the LEGO Group will guarantee the quality of the LSP method and the physical material as such, whereas practitioners will be responsible for the quality of the delivery of the actual workshops based on the LSP method. We know that previous members of our partner network are offering training under the open source. During 2012 a number of these will receive an accreditation, acknowledging that their facilitator certification programs live up the standard set by LEGO Group.
You can read more about it and find shortcuts to our Open Source communities here
www.seriousplay.com includes new guidelines for the use of LEGOŽ SERIOUS PLAYŽ trademarks and method.

Can you please provide me with information on how to use the LEGOŽ SERIUOS PLAYŽmethod?
You can learn more here. Also we recommend you to learn more at http://seriousplaypro.com/
I would like to know if the course also provides the opportunity to do so remotely via Web?
Unfortunately we cannot provide this service.
I request information about a LEGOŽ SERIOUS PLAYŽ certification. I am interested to learn and get certified in the methodology, I would like to know when are the next courses, in what place, associated costs and duration?
The LEGO Foundation and LEGO Group have developed the LEGOŽ SERIOUS PLAYŽ method and The LEGO Foundation the rights to the IP and also sell the materials used in workshops. However, we no longer offer certification programs in the method, nor do we go direct to the end-client.

Consequently, we do not as such work with establishing centers.  The method is delivered through independent consultants, facilitators, and consulting companies, some of these have been involved in the LEGOŽ SERIOUS PLAYŽ domain since the initial introduction of the method. At that time it was offered through a license-based partner community, but today it is an open model, where LEGO markets the products, but the certification of facilitators is being offered by experienced trainers in the community.

You can learn more on LEGOŽ SERIOUS PLAYŽ practitioners at
At the site you will find training offerings, some are certification programs uniquely focused on the LEGOŽ SERIOUS PLAYŽ method (e.g. The ones from the Assocation of Master Trainers in the LEGOŽ SERIOUS PLAYŽ method) some are programs where the method plays an important part.

Do I need to become a LEGOŽ SERIOUS PLAYŽ partner in order use the LEGOŽ SERIOUS PLAYŽ products?

We offer an open source solution. You can read more about it and find shortcuts to our Open Source communities here

I would like to inquire about LEGOŽ SERIOUS PLAYŽ products and methods, specifically whether it is available for clients in China We are interested in purchasing LEGOŽ SERIOUS PLAYŽ products but would like to know whether it is already widely used in China and what are user's views and opinions?
The method is offered through a network of facilitators who has completed a training program in the method. You can find many of these facilitators and information about the training on this community site: www.seriousplaypro.com

The LEGO products used in the workshops are provided by The LEGO Foundation. We expect them to be available in China in Q3 2012.


Can I buy one bag only from item 2000413, with connecting elements and bricks?
Unfortunately we cannot provide this service.

My country is not on the list of countries, you are supporting – how can I buy LEGOŽ SERIOUS PLAYŽ products?
Unfortunately our system currently operates only in Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, and United States.

 How can I pay?
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 Is  the LEGOŽ SERIOUS PLAYŽ material a product provided by the LEGO Group?
The LEGOŽ SERIOUS PLAYŽ materials are uniquely developed boxes based on a variety of LEGO elements. The LEGOŽSERIOUS PLAYŽ brand and the IP is held by The LEGO Foundation. The LEGO Foundation has defined the core process of the LEGOŽ SEROIUS PLAYŽ method in the booklet, you can find here.
You can read more about The LEGO Foundation at www.LEGOFoundation.com