All LEGO SERIOUS PLAY workshops are group processes and designed around a relatively limited number of powerful core concepts. These conceptual modules can be configured in multiple ways to best meet your needs


LEGO SERIOUS PLAY builds on a REAL TIME process, which begins with the "right now". It draws in relevant parts of the past and integrates this with the future hopes, aspirations and fears of everyone in the room. It is brought to the process to find out what can and should be done today. Being better at "now" results in being better prepared for challenges and opportunities in the future.
Traditional business tools typically analyze the past and speculate about the future. The LEGO SERIOUS PLAY products incorporate elements from the past and future and test them through scenarios in Real Time to achieve improved decision making immediately.


The LEGO SERIOUS PLAY programs are being used at companies worldwide that are looking for innovative ways to increase the commitment, confidence and insight of their executives, managers and employees. The programs are in use for a broad range of purposes, including

  • Strategy development and exploration
    Examine and evaluate relations to external partners and clients.
  • Organizational development
    For management, teams and individual employees.
  • Innovation and product development
    Unleash creative thinking and transform ideas into concrete concepts.
  • Change management
    Facilitate and implement structural changes and mergers.

Experience shows great relevance of the LEGO SERIOUS PLAY method in other areas such as Scenario development and testing, Mergers & Acquisitions, Branding, Leadership and Team Development, Turnaround & Restructuring, Market Entry, Operational Efficiency and Competitive Analysis.

If you are seeking to reveal more impactful insights, improve decision making, find hidden opportunities, stimulate entrepreneurship, improve project leadership, surface hidden issues, clarify values, roles and identities, integrate new teams and new members, resolve conflicts, integrate diverse cultures or discuss the un-discussable - then LEGO SERIOUS PLAY may be your method of choice.




Find out who you are and where you are?


Find hidden opportunties


Establish a shared vision for a new project


Accelerate innovation


Discuss the un-discussable